The Mental Health Association of Franklin and Fulton Counties (MHAFF) is a unique peer-run organization comprised of individuals who have “lived experience” with many life challenges. MHAFF provides services and support initiatives that help individuals advance their own wellness through self-empowerment, self-direction and self-advocacy. If you’re interested in making a difference in other’s lives through your lived experience please see the opportunities listed below and join our team. MHAFF is a supportive employer and most positions are employer supported.

Supported Employment

MHAFF provides supported employment to all employees. Supported employment includes hands-on training and education to learn their position, coordination of employment with job coaches/professional supports, inclusion of natural supports as appropriate, assistance overcoming employment barriers, professional development planning, skill building, and flexible scheduling.

Employer Supported

An employer supported position is a position in which the employer will pay the costs and fees associated with training and certification. This includes certified trainings, annually required trainings, certified testing costs, and recertification or renewal costs. MHAFF bears the cost of training and certification is one of the benefits afforded to employees.

Employment Opportunities

Housing Program Manager  (Click Here for the full job description)

Surveyor with the IFST Program

Certified Peer Specialist

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Volunteer Opportunities

MHAFF has a variety of ways for individuals to get involved and volunteer no matter what their interest or skills are. If you are looking to give back, gain skills or experience then please complete the interest form below.

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Open Internship Position:

Independent Monitoring for Quality

IM4Q is a survey program dedicated to interviewing individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, their family members, and support systems to identify things that are working well for them and areas where they would like to see improvement in their life. Information is gathered and reported back to MH/IDD/ EI, the Office of Developmental Programs and Temple University. When areas of improvement are identified, considerations are made on the individual’s behalf. Interns in IM4Q participate in the entire survey process from scheduling surveys, completing surveys, following up on considerations, data entry and quality review.