I’m the Evidence

I’m the Evidence
For how belief inspires
How hope transforms and
How giving heals the soul

I’m The Evidence
For what can be achieved
How feeling connected can ground and
How there is invaluable worth in an act of faith

I’m the Evidence
For how an example can lead
How far encouragement can take you and
How one step begins a journey towards endless possibilities


I’m the Evidence is a stigma-busting program that shows what mental health recovery looks and how everyone can have a positive impact on the lives of others. I’m the Evidence brings together people who are ready to share their mental health recovery story and show what the face of mental health really looks like. Volunteer speakers then go to a number of different presentations to speak including to local cops and college students. An I’m the Evidence speaker is also featured at our May events.


Think you would like to tell your story?


Alexandra Stanton

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Call: 717-264-4301